Data Management Training

We work as liaison between you, your programs and the data management team/company to develop project specific

 trainings to meet local, state and/or federal requirements.  Our successful format includes an initial planning session

with the project manager to establish specific goals and tools for accountability.   From there we hold group trainings

for program staff that cover expectations and data requirements.   Followed up with one-on-one or small group

trainings to ensure concise and accurate data is collected allowing programs to tell their story that have been developed

around student success.  Lastly we provide on-going technical assistance as we feel it is a shared responsibility between

us, the grantors and the grantees (or program managers and programs) to continuously communicate the program indicators

by providing on-going technical assistance.  


It is easy for us to advocate for our clients because we believe in the work that we get involved in.  Our goal is to help our clients become their own advocates.  From our vast experience of speaking to funders, seeking funding, talking with key decision makers and most importantly to those who are involved in the programs that we work with, we know what is needed....the facts and the passion behind a project.  We work diligently with our clients to provide the facts and then train them on how to put the fact with the compassion they have for their programs.  


Our clients appreciate the data that is collected and exported to help them develop their individualized sustainability plan.  As a team we analyze the data to see what areas are making an impact and those that are in need of some fine tuning.  The tools we provide allow our clients to develop a sustainability plan with measurable objectives and a plan that is logical to all of those involved in the project.  We are continuously looking at the data and/or lack of data based on the goals and performance measures that our clients have met to make sure that they can sustain or seek additional funding. 

Professional Development

All of our professional development sessions are designed based on the specific goals and outcomes our clients are aiming to meet. We feel that our role is to support the program development by providing additional tools, conversations and outside resources to help our client's team build excitement and commitment towards their goals.  We believe in bringing back the energy within each staff member to help them see their shared role and take responsibility for the differences they can make. 


Data Monitoring

Education Data Research works with our clients and their data management system to

develop an individualized plan for data monitoring based on their program goals. At the initial set-up

meeting we gather your individualized program information.We work with the administrators to determine

the frequency of data monitoring, typically the monitoring is done between four-six weeks.  Next, we will 

compile and send individualized Data Reviews for each of your programs at your determined monitoring

times. The Data Reviews include all backup documents to assist the programs in finding and inputting

inaccurate data.   We follow each Data Review by compiling an Overview Report which include all

individual program data reviews to district administrators and State Department of Education personnel

(where applicable).  

Technical Assistance

Our services include technical assistance for program staff to help answer any questions on collecting and

inputting data correctly to show a complete picture of their program.  We know how important our clients time

is and will accommodate them with various styles of communication (phone calls, emails, texts or on-line). 

Typically our programs email us with questions or concerns.  We provide a quick turnaround (within 24 hours) to

answer or trouble shoot their situations either with a descriptive email or a follow-up call.  As your liaison we help

control your data management customer service hours by becoming your state data expert.  For example, we can

assist you with common questions by sending out updates to programs, troubleshoot some upcoming issues working

with the data management agency and utilize collected data to enhance program outcomes. 

Project Summary

Our project summaries are provided to the programs, local educational agencies (LEA), and state education

agencies (SEA) or where deemed necessary.  We provide a summary for the current year and past years the

program has been funded (the life of the grant).  The Project Summaries can include average daily

attendance, number of participants,

staffing, partners, funding sources and outcomes. 

Data is the backbone of our company guiding us in all aspects of our...



  • Evaluations
  • Grant Writing
  • Program Design
  • Project Marketing


  • Data Management Training
  • Advocacy
  • Sustainability
  • Professional Development

"Education Data Research has been instrumental in several ways in Nevada where we have worked with them on 21st CCLC data collection and reporting efforts since 2008.  As a result of Vicki and Danielle's hands-on expertise in administering after school programs as former program directors, their knowledge of how to run a quality program while simultaneously collecting critical data brings real credibility to their work; they have "walked the talk." The Education Data Research team has acted as the AfterSchool21 (AS21) software system' Level One support team as well as the in-state training arm for five  years. The number of issues we get from Nevada AS21 users are small and this is in large part due to quality Level One support and the training they provide.

While it is essential that programs collect quality data on a consistent basis, the team at Education Data Research goes beyond that. They work to help programs actually use their data to run better programs as well as promote their programs in order to sustain and grow them. I have been pleased to be a co-presenter at several national conferences with members of their team on this topic.

I highly recommend the great work of the Education Data Research team!"

.Joe Cayen, Cayen Systems


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  • Data Monitoring
  • Technical Assistance
  • Project Summaries



We help our clients establish a program evaluation based on the goals and objectives they have developed.  We will help you research your past efforts, data and lessons learned to create a framework for an overarching evaluation geared towards:  program indicators focused on youth outcomes, grant requirements, the impact of quality and system efforts.  We will help hold program staff and key players accountable to develop an action plan, explore avenues for collecting qualitative data and setting realistic goals to support continuous improvement and quality.     


Grant Development

We have a team of grant writers who have experience in writing and successfully obtaining grants from local foundations, state and federal grants, community block grants and national foundations.  We work with our clients to determine their funding plan based on current projects and long term goals.  We review the programming budgets, program outcomes and specific activities to determine a realistic grant budget.  We also provide support on how to manage your grant, determine what funds are going to be used for within each grant and reporting tools. 


Program Design

Whether you are a new program or an existing program, our team is ready to inspire you. Our program design team will work with you and your staff to design or enhance your program that is engaging and entices participation and staff.  We will work with all key players to establish a team commitment focused on assessing the program needs and outcomes.  We will review program activities and opportunities that align with the program goals and how each key member is connected.     An initial meeting with our program design will help to establish your program needs and the individualized plan.  Services include meetings, reference guides, tools for your staff and monthly follow-ups. We can also assist with either updating or creating programming manuals, parent information booklets, staff manuals and administrative manuals. 


Program Marketing

We will help create marketing tools and key talking points that are unique to your program.  We utilize national facts to support the need for quality programming and build upon the data you have collected to tell your programs individualized story.  We work with you and your staff to determine a marketing tool that incorporates (1) what is so important and unique about your program (2) why people should support your program and (3) how they can get involved.  We can provide training to your staff, provide templates, and/or create your marketing tools.  

Education Data Research