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"One great aspect of working with Education Data Research is the help they provide in getting across the same message to grantees.  Sometimes school personnel get numb to hearing deadlines and requirements from their own district personnel, and having it reinforced by another team is really helpful."

                                                        Brian, Nevada

I was on overload and not looking forward to more information but I was engaged and excited by your presentation.  Thanks for your enthusiasm I want to brag it up!

Carol, Wyoming

"I liked that you provided activities using our specific programs, not models you gave us tools that we can actually use with our staff."  

Tom, attendee @ Oregon ASK Conference

"The report you created was an effective way to give us an overall snapshot of our program, letting us see where we're doing well, and where our focus should be for continued improvement."

Brenda, Elko County School District

"Education Data Research was a life saver many times for us.  Thank you for all the help you have provided over the years"

Jen, Jamie & Pam from Clark County School District


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Education Data Research was developed to help collect and export data that reflects the unique programs our clients offered. 

With twenty plus years of experience our team has worked with grant funded and fee-based programs and organizations, been front line staff members, site administrators, district/program administrators, and consultants.  We have been involved with all aspects of programming from creating new, running existing and overhauling programs.  Our experience includes designing small to large projects from single funding to multiple funding sources.  We have the expertise to provide support to start up or existing organizations.  We don’t believe in a one size fits all model as our experience working with small rural to large urban communities has never once looked the same.   

Over the past eight years, we have helped more than 90 projects improve data to reflect their various activities, attendance, staffing and annual performance indicators.  As a result, these entities have been able to utilize multiple years of data collected to write for funding and provide facts to their community partners, funding sources and administrators.

As a coordinating liaison we provide education on collecting consistent and accurate data for programs and educational agencies. We ensure the necessary data is ready for submission for their required reporting i.e. annual performance reports (APR) and quarterly grant reports.  In addition, we push our clients to look past the minimum required data to incorporate all facets of their programming.  This allows them to look beyond their current funding options, various partners, and the other valuable services they provide within their program. Remember, concise and accurate data collected the more information is available to improve, expand and market your program.


Our team works conscientiously researching best practices, funding movements, and current educational trends.