Education Data Research


  • Evaluations
  • Grant Writing
  • Program Design
  • Project Marketing


  • Data Management Training
  • Advocacy
  • Sustainability
  • Professional Development


  • Data Monitoring
  • Technical Assistance
  • Project Summaries

Member since 2009

We are...

Consistent and Accurate Data

committed to holding everyone involved accountable. Our clients appreciate the time we spend working together to share responsibility of setting realistic and measurable goals.  We seek appropriate data to support continuous improvement aiming for high quality outcomes for the clients you serve. 

Our goal is simple: To build excitement collecting and utilizing consistent and accurate data.


Education Data Research works as a coordinating liaison with your team to build support based on your data.  We implement data reviews & trainings, develop customized materials, conduct evaluations, arrange individualized technical assistance and professional development.  We support our clients to achieve their goals through relevant data and research.